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Polyy Podolsky

"All my work is original, not reproduced. I do commission Portraits from life, from my own photography and from my clientsí old family photos. I also enjoy Still Life painting - Its almost a vacation for me because apples donít have faces!"



Commissioned Works ~ Archival Photos

Many people are tracing their ancestry these days. Their family photographic archives are a rich source of information, what the family home looked like in 1890, the clothes that great-grandma wore to school, grandparents on their first date, sitting on the hood of a model T. I create original oil paintings from photos like these for clients to enjoy now, and pass down through the family as heirlooms. More than just portraits, these images honor a moment in time... a special day, or just an ordinary one to which time has given greater meaning. Most of the photos that I work from are black and white, so I carefully research colors for the time period Iím painting so there are no anachronisms.   Private Live Portraits


Mark  Underpainting


Mark Original Photo


The Left is Mark Finished work in color


"Painting a larger version of a small
 photograph not only increases the detail
of the image but also increases the
enjoyment of the memory."






Original Photo on Left

Finished Work in Color Below





Left is the original photo.

The two below show the photo detail and the finished detail.


The finished painting below



The Step-By-Step Process Page goes into more detail on how these paintings come to life.


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